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Austrian Legislation for Foreign Investments

Austrian Legislation for Foreign Investments

Updated on Monday 04th December 2017

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Austrian-Legislation-for-Foreign-Investments .jpgAustria is a country that welcomes foreign investors and offers a stable investment environment. The country is known for its economic power and the fact that is it is one of the countries with the highest quality of life. 
The Austrian legislation for foreign investments regulates the types of companies that may be incorporated by foreigners, how they are taxed, the openness or restriction for foreign investments in certain business sectors and other aspects.
Our team of lawyers in Austria can offer you complete legal guidance on the most important laws and regulations for foreign investors.

Foreign direct investments in Austria

Austria maintains a highly open policy towards foreign direct investments. The country has a stable economy and also an adequate and welcoming business environment. The labor force is talented and highly educated and the country is known for its favorable laws that protect the rights of the employees. As a result of this positive legal framework, employees in Austria are highly motivated.
Apart from the well-received policies for employees in the country, Austria also pro-investor policies, that make the country an attractive location for international companies that want to base their headquarters in a central European location.
Domestic and international investors alike can benefit from a wide range of investment incentives. One of our attorneys in Austria can help answer any questions about the laws applicable to foreign investors.

Advantages for foreign investors in Austria

Foreign direct investment in selected business fields benefits from attractive tax incentives. Austrian companies that help create new jobs and those that are engaged in business activities that involve the creation or use of high technology can apply for special tax incentives. Research and development subsidies are also available if they qualify as a regional investment and state aid, as per the applicable EU policies.
Foreign investments in Austria are generally possible without government approval, nevertheless, some restrictions can apply, particularly o the acquisition of real estate for non-EEA citizens. One of our lawyers in Austria can help clarify these matters. 
Contact our law firm in Austria for complete information on the laws for foreign investments and other information for foreign entrepreneurs.


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