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Austrian Trade Register

Austrian Trade Register

Updated on Wednesday 10th May 2017

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Austrian-Trade-Register.jpgThe Austrian Trade Register is the Firmenbucht, the official company register in the country and the principal resource for those who want to know more about a registered company in Austria. The disclosure of information regarding registered companies is done in accordance with the Austrian Company Law.
All companies in Austria are required to be registered with the Firmenbucht and will disclose a certain level of information to the public. The information can be accessed via an online portal, however, some data is only accessible as per a practiced fee. 
One of our lawyers in Austria can help you search the Trade Register and find out more about a certain company. Likewise, our experts are able to provide you with the needed legal assistance for registering a company in Austria.

Company search with the Austrian Trade Register

The information included in the Austrian commercial register may be accessed by any individual who wishes to know more about a certain company. Copies of the updated company data may be requested in real time, however, special requests must be submitted for deleted data. This may be needed when performing a company due diligence. 
Private limited companies in Austria, as well as public limited companies, are required to make their documents and identification data available to the general public. Access to information contained in the Austrian commercial register is allowed based on a fee. The register contains both legal information about a company, like its directors in Austria, governing bodies, etc. and its constitutive documents, like the Articles of Association. 
An attorney in Austria can help you search the register and draw up a complete company profile, based on your needs. This may be used prior to signing a contract with an Austrian company or before concluding a merger or a company acquisition

Company registration with the Austrian Trade Register 

Company registration is compulsory in Austria. The following types of companies are included in the company register: sole traders, public limited companies, private limited companies, economic cooperatives, mutual insurance companies, private foundations, savings banks and others. Registered entities are assigned a number.
For more information about company registration, company formation, and other matters please contact our law firm in Austria.


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