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Foreign Investments in Austria

Foreign Investments in Austria

Updated on Thursday 03rd August 2017

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Foreign-Investments-in-Austria.jpgAustria is a country that welcomes foreign entrepreneurs and encourages various business ventures, particularly those investments that help create new jobs or enhance research and development activities. Foreign investments in Austria are permitted in all sectors and the Government offers certain incentives.
Investors who want to know more about the conditions for investment or specific laws that govern certain business sectors can make an inquiry to one of our lawyers in Austria.

Austria's policy for foreign investments

Austria has a pro-foreign investment policy and direct investments do not require special approvals from the Government. This may be needed in some cases where real estate purchases are necessary and it applies especially to non-EEA investors. If this is the case, one of our attorneys in Austria can help answer your questions.
Three of Austria's advantages for foreign investors include its central position in Europe, its political stability and its focus on R&D activities. The country also has a highly qualified workforce and a very well developed infrastructure. A large number of international companies have chosen Austria as their headquarter location. The quality of life and personal security are high in Austria.
Foreign companies in Austria are subject to the same rules and regulations as locally incorporate companies, including in obtaining special permits and licenses. A lawyer in Austria can help you with the special permits.

Foreign investment regime and incentives in Austria

The tax incentives for foreign investments in Austria are mainly awarded for those activities that help create new jobs and whose activities involve research and development activities. A subsidy in the for of cash tax premium is available and it is equal to 12% of qualifying expenses related to R&D.
The taxation regime is favorable and offers the possibility to choose group taxation. Our lawyers in Austria can help you with detailed information about the framework for offsetting the profits and losses for group operations in the country.
You can contact the experts at our law firm in Austria for more information on foreign investments in the country and the conditions for doing business.


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