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Intellectual Property in Austria

Intellectual Property in Austria

Updated on Sunday 30th April 2017

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Intellectual-Property-in-Austria.pngInventions, designs, patents, trademarks and others can be protected in Austria by intellectual property rights. The Austrian Patent Office is the national organization responsible for the registration and protection of intellectual property (IP). Austria is a member of the World International Property Organization and signed the Paris Convention for the Protection of Intellectual Property.
Intellectual property protection is an area of interest for many foreign investors in Austria. The experts at our law firm in Austria specialize in trademark, copyright, and patent protection law and can help you with the registration of IP rights.

The protection of intellectual property in Austria

Companies that enter the Austrian market can ensure the protection of their unique inventions or characteristic trademarks by registering their inventions/company designs and others with the Patent Office.
The following may be registered with one of the national intellectual property offices in Austria:
- company labels, trademarks, designs;
- industrial designs;
- utility models;
- patents;
- copyrights. 
Applicants should know that patents and utility models benefit from protection on a territorial, being limited to one state and also subject to a maximum period of protection.
Different validity periods apply for different elements, designs or inventions, as per the laws that govern their registration. One of our lawyers in Austria can help you with information about individual protection for creative expressions and inventions. 

Laws governing intellectual protection in Austria

The law in Austria protects the following types of property:
- patents: through the Patent Law, with a validity of 20 years;
- trademarks: through the Trademark Protection law, with a validity of 10 years and the ability to extend;
- copyright: Federal Law on Copyright, with a validity of approximately 70 years after the death of the author;
- designs and industrial models: through the Designs Law and other federal laws, with a validity of 10 and 5 years with the ability to extend it.
Austria has signed many international agreements for the guarantee of intellectual protection and it is also a member of several international organizations that grant intellectual protection rights. Foreign investors in Austria who wish to validate existing patents in the country can do so by following a specific procedure. One of our lawyers in Austria can help you with the validation procedure. You can contact us for more information about intellectual property protection options. 


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