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Obtain Information about Austrian Companies

Obtain Information about Austrian Companies

Updated on Wednesday 17th January 2018

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Obtain-Information-about-Austrian-Companies.jpgIndividuals can obtain information about Austrian companies from the Firmenbuch, or the Principal Register. This is the Commercial Register in the country and it is maintained regionally, for example by the Commercial Court in Vienna or by the Regional Court for Civil Law Matters in Graz.
The experts at our law firm in Austria can help you obtain relevant information about a registered company in the country, as each registered legal entity is required to provide transparent and adequate public information. 

The Company Register in Austria

The Commercial Register in Austria stores the company data in an electronic archive, which may be accessed by interested individuals. Anyone is allowed to search the register and access the publicly available information about a particular Austrian company. However, access to the register and the recorded data is subject to certain fees.
One of our attorneys in Austria can help you with specialized company search services, should you need to find certain information about a company. This search may be useful before entering into a business partnership with a company in Austria or before concluding a company merger or acquisition.
Examples of the corporate documents that may be accessed through the register include the company’s Articles of Association, for an AG company or a GmbH company, for example, the balance sheet or public information about the company directors.

Austrian companies included in the Commercial Register

All companies in Austria are registered with the Commercial Register according to the Company Law. Individuals and other corporations can obtain information about the following types of companies:
- the sole trader;
- limited partnership;
- limited liability companies and public companies;
- private foundations;
- financial institutions;
- European companies and European cooperatives.
Our team of lawyers in Austria can help you obtain information about a legal entity that is registered in the country and has a number assigned to it by the Commercial Register. We can also help you with a complete company due diligence service.
Contact us for more information on companies in Austria and legal advice and assistance. 


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