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VAT in Austria

VAT in Austria

Updated on Monday 22nd May 2017

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VAT-in-Austria.jpgValue added tax is levied in Austria on selected goods and services, at different rates. It also applies to intra-community acquisitions and imports.
A number of exceptions apply for several types of goods and services and for Austrian companies that comply with the existing turnover limit.
Non-resident companies in Austria are required to register for VAT regardless of their turnover. One of our lawyers in Austria can help you comply with these requirements as well as the other taxation provisions applicable in the country.

Value added tax rates in Austria

The standard value added tax rate in Austria is 20% and a reduced rate of 13% applies for the following:
- the sale of plants, seeds, wood;
- accommodation services;
- accommodation services in schools;
- products and services for animals and pet food;
- entrance fees to certain cultural establishments.
The 10% reduced rate applies to pharmaceutical products, foodstuffs, entertainment, public utilities, and residential rents. Air and sea travel may be exempt from VAT under certain conditions. You can talk to one of our attorneys in Austria for detailed information on how this indirect tax applies to the types of goods and services provided by your company.

Requirements for VAT compliance in Austria

Companies that are eligible for VAT exemption are those that have an annual turnover that does not exceed 30,000 EUR. All other types of companies are required to register for VAT purposes with the Austrian tax authorities.
Monthly VAT returns are due in Austria and a yearly return is due by the end of June each year. Quarterly return submissions are possible but only if the taxpayer has an annual turnover under 100,000 for the year of the assessment. 
VAT grouping is possible in Austria if the parent company has a certain level of control over its subsidiary in Austria.
For more information on taxes in Austria and the requirements for companies, please contact our law firm in Austria.


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