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Why Start a Business in Austria?

Why Start a Business in Austria?

Updated on Friday 05th January 2018

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Why-Start-a-Business-in-Austria.jpgAustria is a country open for foreign investment, offering an important geographical advantage in Europe for many companies. Vienna is a startup hub but this city is just one of the regions in which investors in Austria can find various business opportunities.
We explore Austria’s top strongpoints for investors and the reasons why entrepreneurs should start a business in the country. One of our lawyers in Austria can always provide you with additional information on the startup and business environment in the country, as well as customized business incorporation aid. 

Reasons to invest in Austria

Austria has a favorable position in Europe, acting as a springboard towards central Europe and eastern Europe as well. Many international companies have opened their European headquarters here and a large number of foreign companies have branches operating in Austrian cities.
The country has an undisputable geographical advantage, making it suitable for export and import companies but also for those operating in the research industries. Companies that are involved in research and development activities have a strong support from the Austrian Government who encourages these types of activities through a series of incentives.

Opening a business in Austria

Foreign companies in Austria are subject to the same incorporation and licensing rules. The company formation process is straightforward and investors have a number of options when choosing the most suitable type of business form. Examples of types of Austrian companies include the joint stock company (the AG) and the limited liability company (the GmbH).
Both the AG and the GmbH must be registered with the regional court and for the application, the company founders must provide the Articles of Association, information about the company members and other relevant documents. Our team of attorneys in Austria can assist you throughout the company registration phase.
Staring a business in Austria will include a number of start-up costs, including the minimum capital for the company, the registration costs and those associated with maintaining a registered office in an Austrian city of choice.
The team of experts at our law firm in Austria can help you understand all of the laws that govern the formation of companies as well as those related to running a business in the country.
Contact us for more information on why to start a business in Austria and for complete legal advice and counseling during this process.


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