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Digital Nomad Visa in Austria

Updated on Sunday 03rd April 2022

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digital nomad visa austriaAustria welcomes foreign remote workers and it is among the countries that offer top facilities for those interested. The Austrian digital nomad visa offers the possibility to stay in this country for a year, but those interested can extend this type of visa. One of our lawyers in Austria can offer you legal support in terms of formalities. In this article, we present information on how to obtain a digital nomad visa in Austria.

Formalities for Austrian digital nomad visa

For stays of more than 3 months in Austria, as allowed by a tourist visa, a digital nomad visa in Austria is required. As the country is part of the Schengen Area, applicants must consider the necessary visa formalities. Let's review some of these:
  1. A valid passport is required to apply for the Austrian digital nomad visa.
  2. Proof of stable income is required by the immigration authorities.
  3. Authorities may also require a clear criminal record. This is a formality needed to apply for a digital nomad visa in Austria.
  4. Proof of domicile in Austria is also part of the formalities.
  5. You also need to prepare health insurance that is valid for the European Union.
We mention that EU citizens can enter Austria without a visa. However, a residence permit is required if they want to live in the country for more than 3 months. One of our lawyers can tell you more about the Austrian digital nomad visa.

How can I obtain a residence permit in Austria?

Temporary residence permits for Austria are valid for 6 months, but with the possibility of extension. As with applying for a digital nomad visa in Austria, you need to present a valid passport, health insurance, and proof of residence. Authorities may also request a criminal record check.
Do not hesitate to ask for specialized help from our attorneys in Austria. They can handle the formalities related to the Austrian digital nomad visa.

Managing the business from Austria

Foreigners who own a business and want to run it in Austria can do so by applying for the Austrian digital nomad visa. It is important to note that this only applies to those who do not have customers and do not enter into contracts with clients in this country. Things will change if you want to relocate the business to Austria. You need a business visa and a number of formalities that you should consider.

Why is Austria appealing to digital nomads?

Austria is one of the countries that offers top facilities to those interested in remote work. Vienna, the country's capital, is preferred by those who want to work remotely as digital nomads. they can benefit from quality services, regardless of their work or projects. Here are some interesting things to keep in mind before applying for a digital nomad visa for Austria:
  • 35 Mbps is the average internet speed in Vienna.
  • The cost of the internet is around EUR 33 per month.
  • Monthly utilities can cost around EUR 190.
  • An apartment for rent in Vienna can cost around EUR 800, but prices vary by area.
  • The cost of a flexible desk in a coworking space in Vienna is approximately EUR 35 for 10 hours per month. Unlimited access can be made for approximately EUR 225.
Therefore, Vienna is the city with many opportunities for those interested in an Austrian digital nomad visa. You can find more information from our team of lawyers in Austria. Contact us now and discover our legal services tailored to your needs.