Taxation Measures in the Austrian Government’s Work Program by 2020


The Austrian Federal Government released a new work programme for 2017 thru 2020.  The document includes a set of mentionable tax-related changes which may be divided into five distinct categories, starting with corporate tax reports and personal tax reforms. Our team of lawyers in Austria highlights the main changes that are planned for the taxation of companies and individuals in the country until 2020.

Industrial and Construction Companies Registered a 6.8% Increase in Sold Production in 2017


Austrian companies in the construction and the industrial sectors recorded a 6.8 percent increase in sold production in 2017. The total revenue was more than 277 billion euros. Our team of lawyers in Austria provides professional legal services in Vienna and other Austrian cities and can offer complete assistance to companies in the construction or the industrial sector.

Lower VAT Rate on Accommodation in Austria

The value-added tax rate on accommodation will be reduced this year, according to a statement made by the Minister for Sustainability, Agriculture, and Tourism. This tax reduction aims to improve the tourism sector in Austria, one of the business sectors with the higher yearly revenue. Our team of lawyers in Austria talks about these tax changes and what investors in tourism can expect starting with 2018.


Invest in the Austrian ICT Sector


Austria is a top location for businesses involved in the Information and Communication Technologies. The country’s convenient position in Europe, its economic and political stability and, most importantly, its research and development incentives, make up the top reasons why entrepreneurs invest in the Austrian ICT sector. Our lawyers in Austria discuss the advantages and the opportunities for companies in this business field.

Reasons to Locate the Company Headquarters in Austria

Austria has a central location in Europe and it is a country that has a lot to offer, apart from a modern infrastructure and a famous high quality of life. Our lawyers in Austria list the main reasons to consider locating the company headquarters in the country.

Austrian Regions that Favor Investments in Research

Austria has a very well-developed research and development sector that has evolved rapidly over the last twenty years. Part of this positive evolution was due to an ongoing policy to boost this business sector but it was also supported by a string outside investment. Our lawyers in Austria highlight the top regions in the country that favor investments in this business sector. 

Business Opportunities in Salzburg


Salzburg is a cultural and business center, the home of many innovative enterprises and one of Austria’s main tourist destinations. Its unique blend of cultural diversity and flair, natural beauty and a welcoming business environment make Salzburg a very attractive location to open a company in the country. Our lawyers in Austria talk about the business opportunities in Salzburg and the main corporate regulations.

Austrian Health Care Laws for Foreign Investors and Employees


Foreign residents who decide to live in Austria need to register with the local district health insurance fund. Foreigners have access to the country’s public healthcare system, provided that they make the necessary registration steps and obtain the green e-card for healthcare services. Our lawyers in Austria can help expats and foreign investors living in the country comply with the existing regulations for healthcare and insurance.

Environment Laws in Austria


Austria does not have a unitary Environment Law however, business owners are required to observe a collection of laws that regulate issues like waste and water management and the use of chemicals in manufacturing procedures. Our lawyers in Austria highlight the main principles of these laws in this article and can provide you with specialized legal counseling for your company. 

Austrian Private Foundation Benefits

The private foundation is a popular alternative to the traditional trust solutions that have long been in use by wealth planners in the country. It is an onshore solution that offers double tax protection and has a medium level of taxation. One of our lawyers in Austria can give you more information about this type of foundation and highlight its benefits.

The Income Tax Cuts Supported Private Consumption in Austria


According to the International Monetary Fund, the tax cuts implemented in Austria in 2016 contributed to an economic recovery. While the growth was minimal during 2012-2015, it was revived in 2016, mainly driven by private consumption and a recovery of investments in Austria. One of our lawyers in Austria can give you complete information on the investment climate and the current tax regime for companies and individuals.

Foreign Investment Incentives in Austria


Austria welcomes foreign investment and encourages entrepreneurs through a series of tax incentives and incentives for research and development activities. The country does not have limits on foreign equity investments and direct investment can take place without Government approval in almost all cases. Our lawyers in Austria outline the most significant incentives or deductions available for investors in the country.