austrian-health-care-laws-for-foreign-investors-and-employees Austrian Health Care Laws for Foreign Investors and Employees




Austrian Health Care Laws for Foreign Investors and Employees

Austrian-Health-Care-Laws-for-Foreign-Investors-and-Employees.jpgForeign residents who decide to live in Austria need to register with the local district health insurance fund. Foreigners have access to the country’s public healthcare system, provided that they make the necessary registration steps and obtain the green e-card for healthcare services. Our lawyers in Austria can help expats and foreign investors living in the country comply with the existing regulations for healthcare and insurance.


Healthcare registration in Austria

Once you’ve decided to work in Austria or to start a business here and live in the country, you are eligible for registration with the public healthcare system.
The contribution for public healthcare is deducted each month from the tax payment, according to the value of the remuneration. The employer is the one who registers his employees with the district health insurance fund and once the registration is complete, individuals receive a green e-card, used for access to public healthcare. Private employers in Austria will also register for social insurance.
Investors in Austria who are considering moving in the country to start their own business as opposed to becoming employees, as well as sole traders, should opt for private health insurance.
Employment and residency in Austria are subject to certain requirements. You can talk to one of the immigration and employment experts at our law firm in Austria for detailed information. 

Emergency medical assistance in Austria

According to Austrian law, in the event of a medical emergency, all individuals are to be treated whether they are insured or not. Nevertheless, those who do not have an insurance policy will be charged afterward. Hospitalization days are paid. Our attorneys in Austria can help you with more information about public and private insurance in the country.
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