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Business Opportunities in Salzburg

Business-Opportunities-in-Salzburg.jpgSalzburg is a cultural and business center, the home of many innovative enterprises and one of Austria’s main tourist destinations. Its unique blend of cultural diversity and flair, natural beauty and a welcoming business environment make Salzburg a very attractive location to open a company in the country. Our lawyers in Austria talk about the business opportunities in Salzburg and the main corporate regulations.

Key business sectors in Salzburg

Salzburg is a beautiful Austrian city, located on the banks of the Salzach river and at the mountain feet of the eastern Alps. The beautiful historic city is not only attractive to tourists but it is also an innovative business cluster.
Among the key industries in Salzburg, we can mention the ICT sector, the automobile industry and plastics manufacturing industry and the creative industries.
Foreign investment in Austria is encouraged by the national investment agency and through a series of tax incentives, mainly for research and development activities. Small and medium-sized companies (those that have 50 or fewer employees and those that have 250 or fewer employees) are favored through a range of subsidies or guarantees for bank loans. 
Salzburg is a hub for research departments in various fields like medicine, biology or science. An advantage for setting up this type of company in Salzburg is the ten percent research premium applicable to companies in R&D fields. This is a cash premium that applies to qualifiable expenditure and contract research. 

Doing business in Salzburg

Investors who want to open a company in Salzburg have access to a good location and a motivated and qualified workforce. There are several types of companies in Austria, with the limited liability company being the one suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises that can benefit from the aforementioned incentives. 
One of our lawyers in Austria can help answer any questions related to opening a company in Salzburg, the investment laws and the conditions for accessing the tax incentives.
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