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Foreign Investment Incentives in Austria

Foreign-Investment-Incentives-in-Austria.jpgAustria welcomes foreign investment and encourages entrepreneurs through a series of tax incentives and incentives for research and development activities. The country does not have limits on foreign equity investments and direct investment can take place without Government approval in almost all cases. Our lawyers in Austria outline the most significant incentives or deductions available for investors in the country.


Incentives in Austria

Austria is among the top ten economies with the largest Government support for research and development (R&D) activities. The costs associated with R&D are fully deductible and companies in Austria may claim an R&D premium of 12%. These incentives cannot be claimed both by the company acting as the principal and the one acting as the agent. The premium is also available for R&D contracts; however, if used in this manner, the costs are capped at a value of 1 million EUR per year.
R&D companies in Austria can claim the premium based on a report issued by the Austrian Research Promotion Organisation. One of our attorneys in Austria can help you claim the special R&D premium as well as apply for other incentives. 
The employment incentive was abolished in Austria, however, others are available in certain regions and are subject to individual negotiation with Government authorities. Trading funds may have their social security costs reduced.

Foreign investments in Austria

Austria is an attractive location for R&D companies but also for those investors who want to benefit from the country’s location in Europe in order to launch their EU activities from here. A qualified local workforce is available for employment. Moreover, the country has a high standard of living for those entrepreneurs who are planning on doing business and moving to Austria.
Foreign investors who wish to know more about the policies and laws for foreign investments in the country can contact our law firm in Austria.
Our attorneys specialize in various areas of law and can help you with corporate law consulting, tax law and tax minimization, civil law and family law for those who want to move to Austria.