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Invest in the Austrian ICT Sector

Austria is a top location for businesses involved in the Information and Communication Technologies. The country’s convenient position in Europe, its economic and political stability and, most importantly, its research and development incentives, make up the top reasons why entrepreneurs invest in the Austrian ICT sector. Our lawyers in Austria discuss the advantages and the opportunities for companies in this business field.

ICT companies in Austria

Austria offers an attractive and innovative business environment to ICT companies, complete with qualified employees and a modern infrastructure. The ICT sector manages to generate some 7.6 percent of the entire value creation in the country mostly due to the research and development policies that have ensured the success of this industry over the years.
Among the top activities undertaken by ICT companies in Austria, we can mention chip manufacturing, which benefits from some 15-20% R&D support, semiconductors manufacturing, microelectronics and nanoelectronics, IT security or radio-frequency identification (RFID).
Austria’s success on the ICT market is confirmed by the high rate of success of locally incorporated companies. Many ICT suppliers in Austria have achieved international recognition and now enjoy a high market position for their products.

The research premium and tax advantages in Austria

Research activities in Austria enjoy a lower tax regime and a twelve percent research premium. Companies in the ICT sector make good use of the extremely beneficial tax advantages in Austria. What’s more, investors in Austria can also benefit from a tax-exempt apprenticeship allowance.
Entrepreneurs in the ICT industry have access to a well-developed network of clusters, in nine federal provinces including Tyrol, Carinthia, Styria and Upper and Lower Austria.
You can contact the experts at our law firm in Austria for complete information on how to set up an ICT company in the country.