reasons-to-locate-the-company-headquarters-in-austria Reasons to Locate the Company Headquarters in Austria




Reasons to Locate the Company Headquarters in Austria

Austria has a central location in Europe and it is a country that has a lot to offer, apart from a modern infrastructure and a famous high quality of life. Our lawyers in Austria list the main reasons to consider locating the company headquarters in the country.

Top three reasons to base the company headquarters in Austria

Central location in Europe: Austria is located at the heart of Europe and most of the major European capitals are within three hours at most, by air. This makes the country a suitable location to base the hub of what will become that company’s base for establishing its European network and relations. Many international companies have opened branches in Austria or have located their headquarters here.
Highly skilled employees: Austria not only has a large and prosperous internal market, but it also has a pool of highly skilled and educated employees. Moreover, foreign companies that decide to establish their European headquarters in Austria can find many foreign employees working in the country.
The heart of European R&D activities: Austria is a country that welcomes and promotes innovation. The country offers optimal conditions and a number of tax incentives to companies involved in research and development activities. One of our attorneys in Austria can give you complete details on these incentives. 

Easy company formation and management in Austria

Investors who want to set up their company headquarters in Austria can choose the business structure that suits them best. The limited liability company is a very popular business choice because it is a separate legal entity from its founders and they are only liable to the extent of the capital invested in the company.
Our team of lawyers in Austria can give you complete information on the Austrian Company law and the various rules and regulations you need to know before starting a business.
Apart from its many advantages for businesses, Austria is also known for is stable conditions for doing business and the high quality of life.
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