Civil Law in Austria

Civil Law in Austria

Updated on Wednesday 25th October 2017

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Civil-Law-in-Austria .jpgThe Civil Code of Austria, Allgemeines bürgerliches Gesetzbuch (ABGB), is the principal source of civil law in the country and it is based on the principles of an individual’s freedom and equality before the law.
The civil rights of Austrian citizens are incorporated into the Constitution and they also include the individual rights granted by the European Convention on the Protection of Human Rights.
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Civil law principles in Austria

Austria’s Civil Code is structured into several chapters, each dealing with issues related to the rights of the individual. In its entirety, and together with related laws and amendments, it covers a broad spectrum of rights, related to birth and family rights, marriage or succession rights but also employment, contractual relations and other situations that concern the rights and well-being of the individual. 
Part of the special forms of Civil lLw are included in the private law applicable to all individuals living or doing business in Austria. These concern Commercial Law or Employment Law matters. While the ABGB addressed most of the civil law rights, most of the individual rights in Austria are regulated through separate laws. These include the Family Law, the Marriage Act, the Consumer Protection Law.
Case law is not legally binding in Austria but is does have authority in solving cases involving civil rights. Our team of attorneys in Austria can help you with detailed information on the Civil Code or its connected laws. 

Civil law litigation in Austria

The Supreme Court of Justice in Austria is the final instance for civil proceedings and for criminal ones. There are eleven panels for civil cases and, for these civil matters, the Supreme Court has decisive powers on all appeals to a case. The Constitutional Court is the one entrusted with the protection of the citizen’s civil rights.
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