Importing and Exporting in Austria

Importing and Exporting in Austria

Updated on Thursday 06th July 2017

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Importing-and-Exporting-in-Austria.jpgAustria is a country with a well-developed economy and a high standard of living. The country has a number of top exported products, among which we can mention packaged medicaments of vehicle parts and exports are mainly sent to other EU countries, like Germany.
Austria offers various opportunities for investment, especially in the services sector. Those entrepreneurs who are interested in importing and/or exporting in Austria can open a trading company with help and counseling from our lawyers in Austria.

Imports, exports and trade partners of Austria

More than half of Austria’s trade with other countries takes place within the European Union. The country’s main export partners include Germany, Italy, Switzerland, France, the United State or Slovakia. Austria’s import partners include Germany, Italy, Switzerland or the Czech Republic. 
The top exported goods include machinery and equipment, motor vehicles and parts, packaged medicaments, metal goods, chemicals, textiles of foodstuffs. Imports include oil and oil products, foodstuffs, equipment, chemicals, metal goods, etc. 
Investors who want to open a company in Austria can target sectors like foodstuffs or beverages and then export their goods produced in the country. The investment options are diverse and one of our attorneys in Austria can give you industry-specific information if you are interested both in producing and exporting in Austria. 

Import and export legislation in Austria

Austria has a set of customs procedures that require the quality control of the products transported to and from the country. One of the quality control organizations is the Austrian Bureau of Standards.
The value added tax is levied on goods and services and it is in accordance with the EU guidelines. Labeling requirements exist for exported products and some items are prohibited from export. Export clearance is done according to the European guidelines and provisions in force. 
The transportation of goods to and from Austria can be done by sea, by air, by road or rail.
You can contact our law firm in Austria for more information on import and export in Austria, the customs procedures and laws for investors.