Listing on the Stock Exchange in Vienna

Listing on the Stock Exchange in Vienna

Updated on Wednesday 28th February 2018

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Listing-on-the-Stock-Exchange-in-Vienna.jpgThe Vienna Stock Exchange, the Wiener Bőrse AG, is the only stock exchange in Austria and it is one of the most recognized ones in Europe. Admission and listing on the stock exchange in Vienna are subject to specific procedures and compliance. 
One of our lawyers in Austria can give you complete information about the criteria for admission and listing on the Exchange.

Issues to consider when listing on the Wiener Bőrse

The market for initial public offerings (IPO) on the Stock Exchange in Vienna is an open one. Companies that want to go public need to take a few key aspects into consideration before submitting their first sale of stocks to the general public. Issues like company size and the business sector in which they activate are two of the most relevant components. The company’s background, its growth, and evolution as well as its potential are issues that can further increase a company’s success when making an initial public offering.
The capital market includes both stocks and bonds. Companies in Austria can choose to issue a bond as an alternative source of corporate finance. These have fixed interest rates and can very well be the first step for a potential initial public offering made by the same company.
One of our lawyers in Austria can help you with information about bond admission and listing on the Vienna Stock Exchange as well as other details about inclusion in trading.

Listing requirements in Vienna

Companies that want to list on the Stock Exchange in Vienna need to follow a few key steps. These include:
- contacting the Vienna Stock Exchange;
- submitting the required company documents to the Exchange;
- going through the admission and listing procedures;
- trading.
The applications for trading admission are processed within a few days. Companies need to prepare and publish a prospectus in most cases, however, there are a few exceptions to this general rule and our attorneys in Austria can offer you details on this subject.
For more detailed information on admission and listing on the Stock Exchange in Vienna, please contact our law firm in Austria