Obtain Visa for Austria

Obtain Visa for Austria

Updated on Friday 13th April 2018

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Obtain-Visa-for-Austria.jpgIndividuals need to obtain a visa for Austria that will be suited to their purpose and duration of stay in the country. The Austrian visa will be issued for that specific travel purpose, such as a simple visit, study or work.
The general requirements for an Austrian visa application can differ according to the nationality of the applicant. Our team of lawyers in Austria can help all individuals interested in knowing more about the process of entering and staying in the country.

General considerations for applying for an Austrian visa

The requirements to obtain a visa (entry permit) differ for EU/EEA nationals and nationals of other countries. the first category does not need a visa to enter Austria if the stay is no longer than 90 days in a 180-day period and they do not become employed during this time. The entry permit is only temporary and it is not the equivalent of a work permit.
The Type C Visa is the one issued only for travel purposes. Individuals can also apply for a Schengen visa which will allow them to travel through the entire zone in order to reach Austria. Certain conditions for the duration through the Schengen area do apply and one of our attorneys in Austria can give you more information.

Documents needed for visa application in Austria 

The following are the general documents required of an individual submitting an application for a Type C visa:
- the filled in application form;
- two recent photographs in passport format;
- passport;
- travel insurance, flight itinerary, hotel reservation;
- proof of financial means for the duration of the stay;
- the purpose of the visit presented in a cover letter.
The required documents will differ according to the purpose of the stay. For example, individuals may need to show that they are employed or self-employed, that they are enrolled in a certain University/College (for student visas). For training, business or medical purposes, individuals will need to be able to provide medical reports or invitation letters as needed.
All applications are submitted to the Austrian embassy in the applicant’s country of origin. For more information about visa requirements or for other procedures such as obtaining a residence permit, please contact our law firm in Austria.