Obtain Work Permit in Austria

Obtain Work Permit in Austria

Updated on Monday 07th May 2018

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Obtain-Work-Permit-in-Austria.jpgAustria is a popular country to live and to work in for expats because of its high quality of life and the fact that it is one of the richest countries in the EU. Special requirements apply to those who wish to obtain a work permit in Austria, especially if they are non-EU citizens.
Our team of lawyers in Austria highlights the main types of work permits and the general process of applying for these mandatory documents.

Types of permits for working in Austria

The table below details four possible situations for individuals who wish to work in Austria, with an emphasis on non-EU workers and the types of permits available to them (and their families in some cases) for moving to and working in the country.
Type of permit
EU Blue Card The residence and work permit for highly qualified non-EU citizens valid for up to two years. Eligibility is based on having a confirmed job offer in the country.
Red-White-Red Card For foreign workers who are considered key employees, based on scoring a number of points. It is also valid for two years.
Red-White-Red Card Plus The holder of a red-white-red card can apply for a plus version after two years which grants them unrestricted employment.
The jobseeker visa For highly qualified non-EU citizens who wish to work in the country but have yet to find a job here.

The general work permit application procedure

The application process for a work visa will depend on the specific type of document chosen, as well as the nationality of the applicant. However, in general, all applicants will need to submit the following documents:
- birth certificate;
- photograph;
- valid passport;
- proof of financial support;
- proof of housing and valid health insurance.
Our team of attorneys in Austria can help you with detailed information about the application procedure for the needed type of work visa. We can also give you details about the conditions for types of long-term and short-term employment in the country, for example, the conditions for seasonal workers.
Contact our law firm in Austria for detailed information about working and living in the country.