Open a Bank Account in Austria - Update for 2022

Open a Bank Account in Austria

Updated on Tuesday 01st March 2022

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Open-a-bank-account-in-Austria.jpgForeign investors and employees should make it a priority to open a bank account in Austria once they have decided to open a company or take up employment here. This step is not only needed but mandatory in case of company formation. Our team of lawyers in Austria is able to assist entrepreneurs in dealing with all banking matters, preparing the documents and making the necessary submissions in 2022.

How to open a corporate bank account in Austria in 2022

Bank account opening in Austria is generally a simple process and one that observes a few simple steps. Some of the issues the applicant should have in mind are the following:
  • choose a bank: many international banks have branches in Austria and the applicant can choose one that has an advantageous package or one that also offers merchant account services.
  • prepare the company documents: when opening a corporate bank account, the bank will require some of the company’s documents, such as the Articles of Incorporation and perhaps signature specimens for the directors; this also applies to branches of foreign companies.
  • have the identification documents: identification documents for the company directors or the legal representative will also be required.
  • fee payment: different banks will have various fees when opening a bank account as well as per the chosen additional services and packages.
Austria is known as a country that is home to some of the world’s most reputable banking institutions. An attorney at our law firm in Austria can help you with information as well as assistance for opening a bank account. We can also help you with legal advice and counseling if you want to immigrate to Austria

Bank account holders in Austria

The bank account is required not only for corporate incorporation purposes but also for expats living in Austria. This step is a priority for anyone relocating here or for employees in Austria. For individuals, banks will typically require an identification document, proof of employment and of having an address. Non-residents are also allowed to open a bank account.
For detailed information about banking matters, both for corporate purposes and for foreign employees and those willing to move to Austria, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
We provided tailored services and legal counseling for foreign clients.  Contact our law firm in Austria for formalities of opening a bank account in 2022.