Obtain Residence Permit for Austria

Obtain Residence Permit for Austria

Updated on Monday 16th July 2018

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Obtain-Residence-Permit-for-Austria.jpgSome citizens need to obtain a residence permit for Austria, depending on the length and purpose of their stay. For these types of permits, most of the applicants must commence the necessary procedure before entering the country and follow the steps as indicated by the embassy or consulate in their home country.
Our team of lawyers in Austria can help you with the submissions and for scheduling the appointments with the Austrian authorities.

How residency permits are granted in Austria

In Austria, residency permits are issued for specific purposes and for periods of stay that exceed six months. Examples include those for employment or study but they do not have to necessarily grant access to the labor market. Foreign nationals can apply for a temporary residence permit or a permanent one (for example for family reunification purposes, as well as others).
The following list includes the general requirements for obtaining a residence permit in Austria:
  • Proof of income: when applying for this permit, individuals must show that they possess adequate means of subsistence; the required amounts differ for single individuals and for families with children.
  • Health insurance: the applicant is also required to have a health insurance with adequate benefits in Austria.
  • Accommodation: proof of accommodation, for example, a lease contract, must also be presented.
  • No legal impediments: the applicant must be free of any legal impediments, such as an entry ban, a return decision against him or he exceeded the allowed visa duration.
Self-employed individuals who perform various types of services in Austria for more than six months should also observe these provisions. One of our attorneys in Austria can give you more information on the residency treatment for self-employed persons.

The documents needed for a residency permit application in Austria

The application is submitted with the embassy or consulate in the applicant’s country of origin, as the permit must be valid upon entry in Austria.
The following documents are needed:
- Valid passport;
- Application form and consular fee;
- Recent picture;
- Original or notarized copies of the birth certificate and the criminal record;
- Proof of health, financial means, and accommodation in Austria;
- Other documents, as needed (for individuals who are sponsored by an Austrian resident or citizen and in au-pair cases)
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any information about the application procedure for a residence permit in Austria.