Road Transportation Law in Austria

Road Transportation Law in Austria

Updated on Friday 14th July 2017

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Road-Transportation-Law-in-Austria.jpgRoad transportation in Austria is subject to the provisions of the local federal laws but also to several international agreements. Companies that engage in activities related to road transportation, forwarding, shipping or import and export in Austria must observe these standards and conditions. 
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Laws related to road transportation in Austria

The federal law, the general Austrian forwarding rules, and the Commercial Code are important sources of regulations for transport companies in Austria. The latter contains a number of sections that govern the functioning of forwarding businesses, freight businesses and the general rules of transports performed within the Austrian borders.
Additionally, the Austrian Transport Law also includes provisions from international agreements, which are essential in the overall forwarding and transport activities, especially those performed by foreign companies in Austria. In addition to the special rules for transporting goods or individuals, the law in Austria also regulates the minimum driving age and the insurance law for trucks and automobiles.
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Special considerations for transport companies in Austria

Companies that operate in the transport or import/export business must obtain the relevant permits for road haulage. These permits need to be validated and the Ministry of Transport, Innovation and Technology has the right to perform border inspections. Failure to comply with the requirements results in administrative penalties.
Special consideration is given to the road transportation of dangerous goods. The Carriage of Dangerous Goods Act and other international rules apply in the case of explosives, gases, flammable liquids, toxic substances, radioactive material and others. 
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